Meet Us!

Hi and welcome!

We’re Ally and Selim. We’re newlyweds in our early 30s currently living in South Carolina. We both love to cook and decided to start this blog mostly so we wouldn’t forget all of the delicious recipes we’ve made. Prior to this, we would frequently bang our heads against the wall trying to remember the details to recreate recipes we’d previously made. Ally loves to test out new recipes from all of our different cookbooks, her favorite food blogs, and Pinterest. Selim, on the other hand, is the master of combining ingredients on the fly and coming up with something tasty!

We are by no means “professional bloggers” or expert recipe developers. What you see here is whatever we’ve made that we think is worth remembering and sharing. We’re both in graduate school, with very busy schedules, so forgive us if we go days (or weeks!) without a new recipe for you. But when we can, we’ll try to share our culinary creations and take a halfway decent picture in our light-less kitchen. Thanks for visiting!